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We’re in the blog universe, Morty.

Okay, Morty, we gotta get out of this blog world fast. You never know what might happen and most of  Continue Reading »


Delicious… Too Soon?

Just imagine Luke Skywalker walking up to his Tatooine home, seeing his aunt and uncle burnt to a crisp, and  Continue Reading »


In Space, No One Can Hear You… At All

Some of those warm platitudes can fall flat when taken literally. A rolling stone gathers no moss. A stitch in  Continue Reading »



It was all fun and games until the meteor hit. Then it was a party. All the dinosaurs coughing up  Continue Reading »


Who Do I Vote For To Make This Happen?

Okay, let’s just say I have this idea for a startup taco truck named… we’ll say “Taco Tornado.” Who do  Continue Reading »


I Wanna Be a Stark, Man-Cub

Yeah, I’m the king of the sinners, oh The Westros VIP I’ve paid the Hound and now I’ve found That  Continue Reading »


Critical Failure

You open the door to a small blue box and it turns out to be bigger on the inside. There are  Continue Reading »


The Merc With a Unicorn

Okay, sure, you love Deadpool and you love unicorns, but did you ever think you were ever going to get  Continue Reading »



Okay, yeah, let’s go ahead and put that space jellyfish down, okay, there, Buzz? Yeah, it looks pretty now, but  Continue Reading »


This AT-AT Is No More!

Can you imagine clapping two coconut shells together and hearing the sound of an AT-AT stomping against the ground? Well,  Continue Reading »