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Speech Impediment

It’s like the Smurfs when they substitute random words with “smurf.” It really is a speech impediment that should be  Continue Reading »


And Beyond…

Ya know what? It takes some real balls to turn this joke into a T-shirt. I mean, it’s not like  Continue Reading »


To be born free

Born to be free of the constraints of society and roam the countryside writing about my adventures. Born to write  Continue Reading »


Learn to Shoot

I’m pretty sure I’ve been through this before, but I’m going to repeat it in case those in the back  Continue Reading »


The Man With No Heart

I have a confession to make. I’ve been watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy lately. In case you didn’t know,  Continue Reading »


Do It For the Beaker

There’s nothing in this world quite like the sweet, sweet smell of Science. Science is what has given us computers,  Continue Reading »



Some say she’s a freedom fighter, some say she’s a terrorist. All we know for sure is that she went  Continue Reading »


May the Thirst Be With You

I’m not saying this is a missed marketing opportunity, but Gatorade needs to do a little explaining. Jump on that  Continue Reading »


Continue. Fighting.

Let’s be honest. Even if 2016 really wasn’t statistically the worst year on record, there was still something for all  Continue Reading »


The Right.

Let’s be real: Anyone who had a bear arm would be flaunting it anyway. You can’t cover that shit up.  Continue Reading »