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I’m just really hungry right now

Hey, man, it’s April 20th and I’ve got the munchies something fierce. Just pass me another piece of that pizza  Continue Reading »


A Stupid Man in the Apocalypse

Let’s make this a new thing we say: “You’re as safe as a stupid man during the zombie apocalypse.” Sound  Continue Reading »



In all the multiverse there has to be a Rick and Morty that are California stoners jamming their way through  Continue Reading »


The Dragon is My Friend

When approaching a woman protected by a dragon, first be sure of the woman’s relationship to that dragon. Perhaps she’s  Continue Reading »


Guardians of Springtime

I’m not sure Rocket Raccoon would like to be depicted in such a vulnerable position as this. On the other  Continue Reading »


Cutest Little Avengers

Here’s a Saturday morning cartoon that you could sit your toddler down to watch. You’ll teach them things like how  Continue Reading »


Seven Levels

This is what happens when you try to mix Sonic the Hedgehog with Mario. You thought the rings were just  Continue Reading »


Universal Music

They say that math is the universal language. They also say that math is essential to music. So somehow math  Continue Reading »


Perfect for Your Gold Coin Bath

Dunk your face deep into your bath tub filled with gold coins and breath through your scuba tube because this  Continue Reading »


The Hero of the 1990s

The Hero of Time has glitched one too many times. He has now resorted to blowing into his own cartridge  Continue Reading »