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Does he look like a banana wielding bitch?

Any day I can get the Donkey Kong music stuck in your head is a good day in my book.  Continue Reading »


A Most Excellent Time

Gather around and listen to this most excellent tale of a journey through time featuring the Time Lords and their  Continue Reading »


Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

It is a sad state of affairs when the world has forgotten some of its most prolific forefathers; those who  Continue Reading »


Dragons is Kitties

First you have How to Train Your Dragon which taught us that the most ferocious of dragons are actually very cat-like.  Continue Reading »


Sometimes You Just Can’t Get Rid of a Meme

Batman is a cultural phenomenon. There are many different versions of Batman, and everyone has their favorite, whether it’s because  Continue Reading »


That Spidey Sense

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can. Also paint. He does art. Watch him sweat. Hate that part. Look ooooooooout  Continue Reading »


A load of claw-scratching fun in every chocolatey treat

I’m a big fan of cats, so I’m not too big on the idea of one being dead. I prefer  Continue Reading »


The Stranger Terrestrial

If you haven’t already seen Stranger Things, I’m here to tell you you’re really missing out. It’s like every Amblin production  Continue Reading »


Your Fav Mistakes

The world has remained safe from the Warner Brothers to this very day, when the Warners gained super powers. Here  Continue Reading »


The North Belongs to a Stark

Arthurian myth is a lot like Game of Thrones in a few ways. For one thing, there’s not a whole  Continue Reading »