If Jeff Veen and Ben Brown both recommend a site, it’s probably worth checking out. Jeff sent in a nice note almost a month ago suggesting that we check out what the kids at Mule Design were up to. Since Mr. Veen is one of my regular reads, I went there right away. I managed to enjoy what I saw so much that I filed it away in my bookmarks under “must post” and swore that I’d get to it after lunch.

Well, I didn’t.

Then, a few days ago Ben Brown, Internet Rockstar sent another nudge my way. This one was a bit more of a specific request that urged me to check out a new Squid shirt. The URL seemed sort of familiar, so I clicked thru. The second I saw the site, I slapped my forehead. So, I hope Jeff Veen doesn’t think we’re dicks for sleeping on his submission. It’s just that I can be forgetful sometimes, that’s all.

Anyhow, squids are poised to be the next dominant species on the planet. Seriously, there’s more of them than there are of us. The second they learn to breathe air and walk on land, it’s over for us humans. The war will be long and bloody, but it will usher in an age of enlightenment and scientific advances. Oh, and pudding. Tasty, tasty pudding.

When that times comes, I will welcome our squid overlords with open arms. You can too with this shirt from Mule Design. After all, it’s never too early to start brown nosing. Of course, until that day comes I will smugly eat bucketloads of calamari. Might as well enjoy being at the top of the food chain while I can, right?

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