+ It looks like T-Shirt Hell has grown up a smidge and removed their “Worse Than Hell” section:

I started this web site on my terms and will continue to run it as I see fit. Removing shirts that affect many people in a negative way is just not exciting to me anymore and that doesn’t make me lame or a sell out. It would only be a sell out if I sold shirts that I no longer agreed with just to make a profit. It would be lame to let someone else tell me how to run my business.

We totally respect the folks at T-Shirt Hell for stepping back and realizing they’ve been a bit too juvenile. Believe me, we know exactly where they’re coming from.

+ Several readers pointed out that we could run yesterday’s Japanese site through an online translator. Since those services are almost always return such wonky translations, we didn’t feel right suggesting other people buy something from a site that we couldn’t at least offer a decent walkthrough for. Thanks anyway!

+ Rob Ferrier writes:

I’m unfortunately reporting a problem with Proletarian Threads, and thought you should let readers know.

I paid for an Angela Davis t-shirt after following the link on your site. A month later, I got a mea culpa from the company and a promise that the t-shirt was forthcoming. A month after that and they won’t respond to repeated emails. It’s a bummer because I really liked the shirt. Oh well.

Crap. It really upsets us when a site we suggest pulls this sort of thing with a customer. Even if it only has happened once…