You have no idea how hard it is to decide what t-shirt you’re going to feature after you’ve been one of the front page stories in a large regional newspaper. Especially when said paper is the one that serves both where you grew up and where you live now. I’ve been getting a flood of emails from former classmates and teachers for the past twelve hours. Seriously, things have been sort of crazy. But now that today’s edition of the paper’s been relegated to birdcage liner, I’m hoping that my inbox will settle down a bit.

And while it’s nice to hear from all of these ghosts from my past, it’s a bit overwhelming too. My basic instinct was to post the best shirt that I could dig out of my “to do” pile. One that I’d been sitting on for just the right moment that would wow and shake every one of my readers to their very core.

Then I realized that the article was in the OC Register. It’s not as if there were a story on the site in Time or Newsweek. So I decided to hold off on the best t-shirt ever. Believe me, when I finally run it, you’ll know…

So in its place I’m posing a bloody and beaten rendition of Uncle Walt’s beloved Mickey. Even if I’m not very pleased with the “2sickbastards” underneath the splattered visage of the world’s favorite mouse, I still really adore this tee. Maybe it’s because it’s taking the piss out of a global cultural icon that’s so easily identifiable with Orange County. Or perhaps it’s because there’s some sort of visceral nerve deep inside me that gets tickled by seeing a brutalized figurehead.

Hrm… That last sentence sort makes me think that I might be able to get some use out of therapy. I’m sort of sensing some unresolved rage issues here.

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