I’m sure that the copyfighers in the house will get a chuckle out of this shirt from Teetsy. Well, at least the copyfighers who are still reading after my two week tango with writer’s block should be able to manage a chuckle.

Sorry about that by the way. I’d say that it’ll never happen again, but we both know that’s a load of horse shit. *shrug* I’ll try, which is really all anyone can promise to do at this point.

So did anyone do anything fun while we were gone? I grew a beard. Well, it was more like a really long five o’clock shadow. Besides, it’s not as if I set out with the intention of growing a beard. It’s more like I sort of stopped shaving.

But hey, why should I go and argue the semantics of sporting facial hair when I’m just happy to be back? Who’s to say, really?

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