It seems like I haven’t run an octopus shirt in forever. Then again, I really haven’t run a lot of shirts that I sort of have a predisposition towards as of late — but you can blame that little extended vacation I was on for that.

Well my friends, the inherent lack of cephalopods up in this bitch is about to change. You see, TK from Tasty Human Meat tipped us off to his fantastic new Octopod Love design. It’s all sorts of awesome and splatteriffic — and I love it.

And you know what else? Now totally I’m wishing that I didn’t use up that goofy little bit of erection based riffage in the post from earlier today. Because this shirt actually does give me boners. Hard throbbing ones. And I’m sure the last thing you all want to do is read about my wang twice in a single day.

To be honest, I don’t even really like writing about my dick all that much. I mean, if I talk about it too much, some of you might start to think that I’m a tad bit obsessed with it…

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