It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper broadband connection around the house — as opposed to ripping off wireless from the neighbors via a boosted WRT54G in client mode — so I decided to check out the much buzzed American Apparel store inside Second Life.

And you know what? I’ve got to hand it to the gang at AA — the store is actually pretty fucking sweet.

Just like its real world counterparts this virtual outpost is full of some pretty decent goods and a fistful of provocative photos all over the walls. It’s also one of the nicer, newbie friendly places to buy clothing in world. Although I’m fairly certain that at least one of my readers could point me in the direction of some decent shops that carry shirts with designs on them, this one is laid out like a store should be.

So if you’re one of those alpha geeks who kills way more time in Second Life that they should, you might want to teleport your ass to Lerappa and check it out for yourself.

P.S. If you don’t want to bother signing up for a free Second Life account, feel free to check out this Flickr set for a batch of screenshots I grabbed in and around the store. Enjoy!