While this one’s a little gimmicky, I’m still into the gimmick enough to want to post it. So much so that I’m running a ThinkGeek shirt — which is something I almost never do. It’s not that I hate their shirts or anything, it’s just that I don’t really care for geeky slogan tees all that much. Perhaps it’s the draw of the LOLcats that’s keeping me from dismissing this one completely…

Then again, this shirt comes with a washable marker to fill in its blanks — so the combination of stuff you can write for humorous effect are practically endless. Work tech support for a living? Come into work sporting “I’m in ur queue please advising ur customers.” and you run the risk of getting a chuckle out of your coworkers. Enjoy a little schlocky 80’s music now and again? “I’m in ur Friday rocking ur Journey.” might work for you.

The only limit here is your imagination — and that’s exactly what makes me dig this concept. Hell, I’ve even parted with my hard earned money for one of these. That’s sort of a rarity around these parts as I have way too many t-shirts laying around that I already don’t wear and I’ve gotten for free. Still, I just like this too much to want to pass it up.

$16.99 | PayPal | URL | M: S – 3XL