There’s always this little bit of rationalization that goes on in my head when I run into an outlandishly expensive t-shirt that I love. I tell myself things like, “Sure that’s a lot of money after you convert it to American currency, but there’s free international shipping — so it’s not that much more expensive…” But there’s no saving this one. Even tho I love the design to death, I can’t even bear to look at that $60.00 AUD price tag. I don’t even think I could justify buying it if I could manage to squeeze my tubby gut into one.

So why am I running it anyway? Because I adore the design — even if I don’t agree with the sentiment. What’s more, I’ve got a gigantic crush on Helvetica. It’s number one with a bullet on my all-time favorite typefaces list. I was so excited to see that it was used for the iPhone interface that I list it amongst its selling points. Hell, I’m even considering getting a Helvetica influenced tattoo for my next bit of ink.

So now that you know that, why would I ever like a shirt that calls for the demise of my most favorite sans serif? Because I think it’s funny. And while I can’t be sure of the true intent of the designer, that sort of shit doesn’t matter to me. All I know is that I saw it and laughed enough to want to run it — price tag be damned.

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