“It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy.”

Steve Jobs

Since I’m a bit of an Apple fanboy — not to mention a bona fide pirate enthusiast — I feel inclined to take a hundred words or so to fawn over (and criticize) Indie Tech‘s Mac Bones tee.

Now I’m not quite sure why the gang at Indie Tech (a division of Blue Collar Distro) decided to screen the crossbones in a color very close to that of the tee itself, but I sort of think that works for it. The semi-ubiquitous monochromatic Apple logo we know today doesn’t have crossbones underneath it — then again, it’s not shaped like a skull either. Maybe I’m being too picky, but part of me really wishes that white crossbones were an option. Maybe I ought to wait around for Revision 2 of the tee to see if that becomes a feature before deciding on wether or not I’m going to pick it up…

P.S. If you’ve got one of those newfangled Apple iPhones that are all the rage, we’re now rocking a classy new look thanks to the iWPhone plugin for WordPress. So check our shit out, yo.

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