“Excuse me, ladies. You may remember me as the guy who came to dinner a few weeks ago with underwear on my head. My name is Keith Stat from Millburn, New Jersey. State bird, the mosquito. And as you may have heard I am recently a crowned class B dungeon-master. So if any of you would like to play D&D today, please speak now or forever hold your peace.”

It took them almost an entire year to get to it, but Found Item Clothing has done up another “Wet Hot American Summer” tee that I have an overwhelming urge to share with y’all… So if that’s the case, I might as well do it, right?

Last time around McKinley’s Clifton track tee got the loving, otaku style treatment. And since I really adore that shirt, it’s really going to be a hard one to top in my list of all time favorite movie tees — but this one manages to come really fucking close to getting in the top five. Why’s that? Well, the extra attentive eye of Alex sure helps. Hell, I’ve seen “Wet Hot…” dozens of times and I didn’t even realize there was printing on the back of the shirt. So kudos to you for catching that, sir.

Oh, I’d totally suck if I didn’t mention the fact that there’s been a bunch of great tees printed since the last time we checked in with Found Item. Shirts from “Shaun Of The Dead”, “Repo Man” and “Spinal Tap” — which all look absolutely bad ass — are totally worth checking out. Especially if a shirt from one of my favorite, goofy cult films about summer camp isn’t really your bag. So give them a gander, dammit!

$21.95 | PayPal | URL | M: S – 2XL