“I have an idea,” said the doctor to me,
“to test the particulars of my theory.
“We’ll go get a cat, just a regular cat
“And we’ll pick up a box where the cat will be sat
“Then we’ll rig up a jigger with poison and atoms
“That may or may not kill the cat that’s nearby them!”

I protested! I said that we couldn’t do that!

We could never do that to the poor little cat!
“It’s fine!” he assured me, “for we’ll never know!
“As long as we keep the box forever closed!”

So I purchased the box and I purchased the cat
And we rigged up a jigger to test quantum facts
I kept the box closed, and kept its door locked
The cat was alive and was dead as a rock
I never did open it, oh, no, not me!
But Schrodinger, he really just had to see!

He opened the box and a live cat there sat!
So I made this T-shirt for the box and the cat!

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