Imagine, if you will, the Joker imbibing in a suitcase full of random drugs and taking a ride with Harley through downtown Gotham. Imagine what he would see as his cowl-covered friend swung from building to building keeping the streets safe from the likes of him. What fevered apparition would be stirred up in the Joker’s mind as, traveling at 60 miles per hour, he catches a flicker of a black cape in the corner of his eye? Surely we can’t stop here. This is Bat Country. This place, this whole city, belongs to the Batman. And in his condition, the Joker is ill-equipped to handle the Batman. But maybe that’s what Harley is counting on. Maybe the drugs were part of her plot all along. Maybe this is one last ditch effort to free herself from her love; her abusive, addictive, wonderful, tragic love. As the car flies over a bridge, maybe we’ll see Harley jump out and tearfully exclaim “Later, Puddin’!” before The Bat swings in and takes her back to safety. The safety of Arkham Asylum. Wrap this shirt around your torso to remind yourself of what could have been.

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