6 DPISorry This Old T-Shirt fans… Our most popular weekly feature is on a hiatus for yet another week. We’re spending some time in the lab testing out a few concepts and techniques for future articles. TOT should be back on either the first or second week of February.

I know some of the do-it-yourselfers are chomping at the bit for a new project. Thankfully, Mike Hofstadter pointed us in the direction of 6 DPI from UK design crew Less Rain. 6 DPI is an interesting concept, in that it’s a wearer customizable t-shirt. It starts out as a black tee with a 70 x 30 white pixel grid printed on the front. From there, you’re encouraged to take a black sharpie and black out parts of the grid to create your own design.

For the timid, Less Rain has cooked up a bunch of really great designs and offers a handy PDF to help get you started. But honestly, if you’re going to order a DIY shirt, what’s the fun of going prefab?

£25.00 | PayPal | URL