I Heart IronyAny card carrying hipster loves them some irony. Unfortunately, carrying a card as proof of hipsterdom is not considered, well, hip. Many hipsters speak thru their wardrobe, which is an alright way of going about it.

One could wear a shirt with characters from The Land Before Time on it, but that’s a bit too subtle [not to mention mildly fey]. You need to go the opposite direction and beat people over the head with what you’re getting at. Like really really hard.

I [heart] Irony pretty much comes out and says what you want to. Sure it’s extremely blatant – which is the antithesis of cool for a hipster – but it’s so blatant that it somehow manages to shoot back into cool territory again. I’d illustrate with a bell curve, but I don’t want the USA Today readers we picked up to get tugwax on their keyboard.

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