Even though I’m a hoplessly goofy cracker, I still love the hell out of hip hop. There’s just something about it that moves me in a way that other types of music never could. The swagger and bravado of Jay-Z… The gritty reality of NWA… The politics of Public Enemy… The tragedy of Tupac and Biggie…

I may have grown up on punk rock, and I may lift my spirits with techno, but hip hop is my gospel. Even if I do come from a middle class suburban household, I still hear the message. Everyone, except for maybe the ultra rich, wants to rise above where they’re at. It’s Manifest Destiny. The roots of hip hop are instilled with that vibe. Even if the current wave of artists are less concerned about the message and more concerned about record sales, its spirit is out there. Let’s just hope someone remebers what to do with it when it’s rediscovered.

Global Roots was made by the fine folks over at 0rigin in conjunction with Jeff Chang to help promote his book “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation”. It’s a quality shirt, and the book looks like a quality read. I’ll have to burn some of the credits I’ve earned at Amazon and pick it up.

P.S. Props to numlok for the heads up.

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