+ Waxy recently pointed out one of the best designs to ever grace the Threadless design contest… Goatse.

If you get the joke, you know that this design needs to win. Please, please, please check off “I’d buy it” and rate it a 5.

If you don’t get the joke, don’t try to Google it to understand. Once you gaze upon the reference material you can never unsee it.

+ We had a free Camp Fire shirt to give away, courtesy of our pals at Honkey Threads. But then Jonathan Harford came along and swiftly answered our trivia question. For archival purposes, the original question and the answer are below:

Q. In “Shaun of the Dead”, what does it say on the shirt that Yvonne’s cousin Tom is wearing?
A. I [heart] Pussy

Congrats Jonathan! And to everyone else who sent something in, we’re sorry we don’t have enough prizes for all of you. Thanks for playing!