We often get email from Preshrunk readers who are looking to do their own projects and want a high quality tee. Something nicer than a boxy old Hanes Beefy-T, but still relatively cheap. And while we used to be able to suggest American Apparel with a clear head, we really can’t anymore.

Then we stumbled onto American Ringer, who has a really solid collection of vintage iron-on and blank tees. Their standard solid color shirts are the nice fitted variety and are allegedly just as soft as AA’s. What’s more, they also offer a really nice variety of American made ringers, jerseys and girlie tees at comparable prices. So if you’ve got a project you want to do – or you just like blank tees – then we wholeheartedly recommend American Ringer. And we’ll do so until we find out that they have hideous business practices or their founders eat babies. But we couldn’t find anything in the limited Google searching we did, so they’re probably clean.

$12.99 | PayPal | URL