+ Did you actually like the Brixwear 1000? I thought it was clever, but I’d never be caught dead wearing one. The idea of attaching an mp3 player to my shirt wasn’t all that appealing to me. But what do I know? The Brixwear sold out its run of 300 shirts in 18 minutes flat.

Naturally, PodBrix was quick to market with another shirt utilizing the same technology, the PodShirt. But while the Brixwear managed to look sort of cute, the PodShirt looks hideous and thrown together. I recommend they go back to the drawing board and design something that actually looks, oh I dunno, wearable.

+ Much love to Brian and Jen for mentioning Preshrunk on their Podcast, She Said, He Said. The mention is around the 24:45 mark on their March 23rd entry. It’s times like these where I really wish that I could link a specific section of a Podcast. C’est la vie.