About a month ago Jason Kottke dropped out of the 9-5 game to do his weblog as a full time job. With the support of close to 700 people [which he has dubbed “micropatrons”] in the first month, we assume that he’s off to a good start.

Jason was nice enough to set aside a few minutes to help us launch our latest irregular feature, “What’s In Your Closet?” Yeah, we loved Gizmodo’s “What’s In Your Gadget Bag” so much that we had to make it our own. So without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of J.Ko’s favorite tees…

Flowers In The Attic

The version I have isn’t pictured on the site, but it’s red on red, which makes the design somewhat hard to see unless you’re really looking hard at it in good light. That cuts down on the casual on-the-street mortification which is good because people usually don’t react very well when they realize I’m wearing a tshirt picturing a little girl blowing her head off with a pistol. I’ve worn this shirt twice now when going through security at the airport and have gotten no comment either time, a lucky streak which I will try not to push to three.


Design is a Good Idea

Classic shirt from Emigre. I’ve had mine forever now, probably 8 years or so, and I still wear it often. I don’t know what brand of shirt and printing process they used, but I wish all my shirts held up this well…unless you look closely, you can barely tell it’s been worn.



This is a sentimental favorite, given to me by an old girlfriend of mine. It’s an employee shirt from the Oral-B factory in Iowa City, probably purchased from a Goodwill or Salvation Army. I don’t wear this one very often because the fabric is so thin (but soft!) that I’m afraid it’s going to dissolve in a stiff wind one day.


Wow, man… All of those were very choice tees. Then again, they’re also totally sold out or hard to come by. Way to induce t-shirt lust, Kottke. On the flip side, thanks for helping us get this new feature off the ground. Mad respect to you.