Just like most video games based on a movie, Friday the 13th for the NES was a big, steaming pile of crap.

Well, maybe that’s not very fair. It’s not like the game took it against the back of the throat and gargled. To be perfectly honest, my hate springs from the fact that I wasn’t very good at it. But the game didn’t play fair… Often times, Jason ambushed me mere pixels away from a badly needed power up. Dick move, Voorhees.

Sadly, it was the closest my parents would let me near the Friday the 13th series of movies until I was 13. So needless to say, my opinion of the series was forever tarnished by the game.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m sort of a masochist… It should probably go without saying that I love this tee from Nostromo Design. It’s a pretty faithful recreation of one of the many banes of my childhood existance.

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