A reader sent in this bit of constructive criticism…

While I like a lot of the t-shirts you post, you should focus on the actual products and their creators, rather than on you, your friends, or other bloggers. Your blog seems more about perpetuating your own idea of “cool” than showcasing quality products or artists.

I’m sure everyone would appraciate it you refrained from your feeble attempts at humor. Sniffing glue? Yeah, that’s a good one. Girls like to talk on the phone? Just shut up.

If you are determined to shill for t-shirt creators, you might have the courtesy to get your snarky, self-effacing hipsterism out of your readers faces. No one wants to read about you — but you already know that.

Y’know what, you’re absolutley right. One should make no attempt to run a weblog that has any personality whatsoever. Heaven forbid if we upset someone’s delicate sensibilities by writing something silly instead of writing an in depth bio about the guy who silkscreens each shirt by hand.

Besides, researching the people/companies that we feature would actually require, like, work. And since this barely brings in enough to pay our bandwidth bills and buy an occasional energy drink, we’re not about to treat it like a day job. Why let things like research get in the way of a good time?

The thing is, we’re not shills. We write about shirts that we dig with the hopes that other people will enjoy them too. If they do, awesome. If they don’t, c’est la vie.

Anyhow, out of the countless emails we’ve received, you’re the second person to ever really complain in such a manner. So while we’d like to take your words to heart, we realize when you say “No one wants to read about you”, you basically mean you don’t want to read about us. So don’t. It’s not as if anyone has a gun to your head.

But hey, thanks for the email. We’re totally printing it out and putting it up on our refrigerator.

P.S. We were huffing paint, not sniffing glue. While both give similar buzzes, we find paint to be much more nuanced and easier to inhale. If you’re going to fire off a pissy email, please check your facts.

P.P.S. If anyone does actually have a gun to said reader’s head, please do us a favor and squeeze off a round. You don’t have to kill him. Just graze his ear to let him know you mean business…