Kitta was kind enough to drop us a mail and remind us that we’ve been sleeping on our female readership lately. It’s not that we don’t have any women’s shirts to display, it’s just that nobody on staff possesses a vagina, so we sort of forget.

Thankfully, Kitta was nice enough to send along this one that’s sure to pander to our pal Cory. No, Cory’s not a cross dresser – at least we don’t think he is – but he does have a gal named Alice. Being the sweet guy that he is, Cory always seems more than happy to buy his gal “Alice in Wonderland” related stuff. It’s cute to the point of being sickening, but he’s our boy… What can we say? Oh, I think we did just say something. *shrug*

Anyhow, we’re a sucker for the design on this tee. Very four color comic book art. The fade at the bottom also happens to be a really good touch that brings everything together nicely. We’ve seen stuff like this go for a lot more than $24.00. So yeah, we wouldn’t call it a bargain. But we do feel safe in saying that you’re not getting totally gouged.

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