No matter how much you loved “Napoleon Dynamite”, Vote For Pedro shirts aren’t cool anymore. Seriously, cut it out. You don’t look cool, clever or irreverent. You look like a bandwagon hopping douche bag. Once there’s a ready supply of any shirt design at Hot Topic, it’s too late… Vote For Pedro tees have been on sale there for at least the last year. So give up already.

Do yourself a favor. Stash that fucker at the bottom of your drawer and forget about it for five to ten years. By then, the shirt has either become vintage [and cool again] or moth food. The objective here is to take as many of them out of circulation as possible.

Think about it, we’d both win here. You’ll get a vintage shirt [well, eventally] and I wouldn’t have to put up with seeing them. *shrug* Just an idea…


P.S. We’re well aware of the irony of the content of our Google ads next to our anti Vote For Pedro tee rant. Actually, we think it’s kind of funny.

P.P.S. Goddamn that cheeky Matt Haughey. Goddamn him straight to hell.