Here’s a hearty aloha to the readers of the of the OC Register!

Even though we still don’t get exactly why they wanted to do an article on this site – or a profile on Jason for that matter – we’re very happy to be getting the coverage. We’ve got this theory that they were probably just hard up for content, but no one at the Register will confirm that for us. Bastards.

Please give the site the once over and let feel free to let us know what you think. Hopefully you’ll like what you see enough to bookmark the site. Even if you end up forgetting what folder you put the link in and never visit again. It really is the thought that counts…

P.S. We’ll have a copy of the online article available for our regular readers once it becomes available on the Register’s web site.

Update: Just like we promised, here’s an online copy of the article. If you need a login for the site and don’t want to bother with forking over your personal information, BugMeNot’s got you covered. Enjoy!