While I’m normally not that fond of brown tees, I must say that I’m rather taken with this shirt from La Fraise. The simple silhouette is rather nice, not to mention beautifully executed. And even tho I’m a cheapskate, I’m debating breaking out my credit card and buying this [or Tape] despite the less than stellar dollar to euro exchange rate.

Now, I know that some people may be put off by the fact that store is in French. Unless you’re a xenophobic wingnut, you really shouldn’t be. We’ve been assured by a number of our readers that ordering is pretty self explanatory. So even if you don’t parlez vous, you shouldn’t have a hard time buying anything from them if you’re really interested in what they’re selling. And believe us, there are plenty of great designs that are worth your time if you think the whole silhouette thing is played out.

22.00 € | PayPal | URL