Yeah, I’m pretty sure wearing this tee and walking around in Los Angeles [Or any urban area the Bloods/Crips happen to reside in] is bound to get you fucked up. Like a lot.

No, really. I don’t think there’s any way you can win if you sport this anywhere other than rural Nebraska. But if you insist on sporting this tee in LA, I see it going down one of two ways… You’ll either get stabbed for making fun of the Bloods or someone will beat you down for wearing a tee that says that you’re a Blood. Even if it’s painfully obvious that you’re not one. Trust me, I’ve seen people get their ass kicked for less while riding the Metro Blue Line.

But hey, if you like living life on the edge, go ahead and pick this one up. Just don’t say that we didn’t warn you…

P.S. Much love to Casey and Kristen for bringing FYOKO to our attention. Thanks you two!

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