The wonderful t-shirt re-creationists at Found Item Clothing have inspired me to rewatch some of my favorite films to scrounge up designs to fire off to them. Well, that’s not my sole intent for rewatching them. Honestly, I just really like movies… Still, I find myself keeping an extra sharp eye peeled for a neat one off. *shrug* It’s a better OCD to have than incessant hand washing.

As I watched “The Big Lebowski” with my girlfriend earlier this week, I thought I’d found the perfect one. When the Dude pays his second visit to the Big Lebowski he’s sporting an awesome Japanese baseball jersey. The second I saw it, I remember pausing the movie and saying, “Oh shit. I wonder if the guys at Found Item are hip to this.” I’m pretty sure the girlfriend rolled her eyes, but she does that a lot. It’s almost like a reflex with her.

So imagine my surprise when I visited Found Item’s website to find them already selling that exact design. It was almost creepy. Then it got even weirder… I dropped an IM to my interweb pal Matt Haughey to share my find. Apparently, he’d ordered the shirt mere minutes before my IM! Half jokingly, he urged me not to post the tee so he could have a little time with it before all the other cool kids got one.

Being the nice guy that I am, I told him I’d hold off on posting to give him a head start. Six hours seems fair, doesn’t it?

Update, 07.01.05: According to the trivia section on IMDB, Jeff Bridges also wears this shirt in “The Fisher King”. I don’t have this movie handy, so it’s a bit hard to verify that claim. Anyone care to do it for me?

Update, 07.05.05: Chris Ross and Christy Jewett both independently confirmed the “Fisher King” connection. Christy said that the t-shirt could be spotted roughly an hour and fifteen minutes in while Chris was nice enough to send along a nicely cropped screenshot. Thanks, you two!

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