Much love and props [not to mention a few prizes] to Spencer Katzman who came up with the new slogan for our header, “never mind the buttons”.

No, really. That’s our new slogan. Quit laughing, asshole.

Look, at least it was better than “fits you to a tee”. We got like forty different variations on that one. And that sort of got tired about the fifth time it was suggested. We really, really hate repetition. *shrug* Maybe that’s why we never were ones for Top 40 radio.

Anyhow, Spencer’s submission made our inner punk slam dance with glee. Apparently that was enough to cinch the win. So hey, enjoy your loot Senor Katzman… You deserve it! And a big thanks to everyone else who sent something along.

Well, you know, thanks to everyone except those “fits you to a tee” assclowns. Seriously, what the hell were you thinking?