I’m not sure who hepped us to Cryin Tiger, but I’d like to thank them for sending along a link to one of the sweetest little t-shirt companies we’ve come across in a while.

What’s with all the gushing? Well, it could be the fact that most of Cryin Tiger’s line reminds me of the shirts that I see young asian tourists sporting while they wander around Los Angeles. And those are exactly the type of tees that I dig – mildly goofy and a bit offbeat. It also doesn’t hurt that they manage to do a really good job without going too overboard.

Take their Angry Tornado shirt for example. It’s a wonderfully basic design that has an enormous tornado ripping thru an otherwise desolate town. Instead of a four color cacophony of buildings, people and other bullshit, CT gets in and out with one color. Which is honestly all they should need for something like that.

I don’t know about you, but I really appreciate the folks that keep it simple… *shrug*

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