Yous know, I just noticed dat it’s bin a bit since we run an “I [heart]…” tee on Preshrunk… And afta checkin back tru my posts I iz also realize dat it’s also bin a wicked while since we run somethin fa da bitches.

Sos wez may as well kill two birds wiv one bone by runnin dis tasty little number from Mama Clothing, righ? It’s a wicked shirt, innit? And it’s sure to check tight on any gal dat decides to stretch it over babylon. Now if you’ll give me excuses, I fink I will be heading down the boozer fa a pint wif me mates. Bigupyaself. Keep it real. Wesside.

Oh, an before I forgets… Big up to da fit bitches who dig to get jiggy wiv Mr. Biggy. Respect.

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