This time around it’s not really the shirt that’s the draw, it’s the company. Sure there are more places that offer customization than I care to count, but Oneoff Clothing has really set themselves apart by offering a dizzying number of possible graphic, silkscreen color and shirt color combinations. All of those options makes my mind reel, seriously.

They’re also one of the only custom houses that I’ve seen who offer blank American Apparel gear at a few dollars above wholesale cost. I’d much rather pay $24.00 for a blank track jacket than shell out $50.00 for the exact same one directly from the manufacturer, wouldn’t you?

What’s more, if you don’t dig any of their designs, it seems as if Oneoff would be more than happy to do custom runs for you. Since they’re not charging any setup fees and $12.00 a color, a single screen tee with your artwork will run you about $20.00. And I’m sure you could haggle them down on the rate if you want to do a bigger run.

Take that CafePress!

$17.00 | PayPal | URL