Laugh if you want, but most of the disagreements between Preshrunk staffers are normally settled by a brisk “best 3 out of 5” Rock Paper Scissors match. No, really. We live and die by Roshambo.

Since we spend most of our time communicating via AIM it can be a bit hard to do, but we manage. Please don’t ask how. We assume some of you would be entertained by our explanation while others might be downright disturbed. Besides, can’t some things just be left to the imagination?

Anyhow, this tee from Mr. Chips really warms our cockles. And while a lot of their other stuff is sort of disposable and mere minutes away from being found in an Urban Outfitters, it’s still worth mentioning for our ironic tee loving hipster friends. So hey, if that’s your thing then please go and enjoy it…

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