You know, indie girls and argyle naturally go together. Sort of like Chinamen1 and laundry, Italians and organized crime or the Irish and whiskey…

But why exactly are they so simpatico? That’s a good question, actually. One that I wish I had the answer to — but I unfortunately don’t. *shrug* Oh well… Wish I knew what to tell you there, chief.

While I don’t know why they go together so well, I can tell you that the power of bespectacled lasses rocking argyle could easily devastate the fuck out of a ton of dudes. I mean, that shit is like indie rock Kryptonite.

Now I’m totally not saying this because I know that the ladies happen to eat it up. No. Not at all… I’m doing it as a warning to all the gals out there. If you want to pick up and rock this bleached argyle shirt from Divine Clothing, you better be careful. This shirt could possibly break a bunch of hearts and turn a lot of lesser men into Dashboard Confessional listening, mascara wearing Emo kids if you’re not2.

Well, you know, so long as you’re cute. But if you’re not, please feel free to buy one right away…

  1. Dude, Chinamen is not the prefered nomenclature. Asian American, please.
  2. Do you really want that on your head? I know I wouldn’t.

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