Josh from Go Ape here. I’m apparently the next guy in the list of guest posters on tap. Yay for me!

Pat from Owl Movement puts out some really sweet tees β€” so it was hard to choose which shirt to review, as there are many great designs up right now. One that stuck out the most, to me, was “Dreams” by Samuel Hernandez. Sam lives in Mexico, and he is somewhat of an “all-star” when it comes to online t-shirt design. He has designs printed on several sites that I know of, including a whopping 6 prints on the ever-popular and frequently-reviewed Threadless. In fact, he is the guy responsible for the parrot hairstyles in Exotica and one of my all-time favorites, Hungry Hippo!

I guess I better talk about the shirt that’s being reviewed now, shouldn’t I? It’s printed on an Olive American Apparel tee, which is one of my favorite colors that they carry. It’s just one of those colors that still looks good on you even if you are extremely pale. The design itself has a faded look to it, sort of blurry. In it, a young boy caches a fish that is far bigger than him and a pirate ship is off in the background (I threw that in just for Jason and the other pirate fans). The perfect finishing touch is the title, “dreams,” in a nice bit of cursive near the top of the design.

Ok, I’m going to stop talking about the shirt and go wear it now β€” even though it is still dirty.

$20.00 | Credit | URL | M: S – 2XL, F: M