I don’t think lightning bolts actually look like this when they’re sliced into. In fact, I don’t even think you can slice into lightning bolts at all unless you practice some form of dark magic. I’m willing to look past that tho and run this shirt despite its obvious shortcomings. I’ve never been known for caring too much about technical details anyhow…

The indie kids are still into gear with lightning bolts on it, right? Or has that shit been played out for a while now? I don’t really know anymore because I unsubscribed from Pitchfork’s RSS feed almost a week ago. It was a sad day — mostly because I had to turn in my hipster-issued white belt when I did the deed — but I couldn’t stand knowing that the same entry I’d just read on the last refresh would be marked as new again. Seriously, that was really fucking irritating. I was just marking the feed read and not bothering with it for the past month or so.

As my hero and internet mentor Merlin says, that right there sounds like a first world problem, doesn’t it? Bitching about the number of mouse clicks I have to perform in a day. Pfft.

$18.00 | Credit | URL | M: S – XL