Man, having Monday off for MLK Jr.’s Birthday sort of fucked up the rhythm I had going there. Guess I’ll have to make a double post tomorrow to make up for it, won’t I?

I’m pretty sure that this shirt has nothing to do with the Beck album other than sharing the gringo misspelling of Órale — but I dig on it. There’s something about the mexican tattoo art style lettering that I’m into. I think it’s something about the swoops and flourishes that I admire. At least that’s what I’m going with as I’m not much for self-reflection this evening.

I must say tho, while I do like that style of lettering, I don’t like it so much that I’d get my old lady’s name etched into my arm with it. Nothing personal to Sarah or anything, I’ve just never really been one for putting other people’s names on myself. I’m pretty sure she knows that tho…

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