I don’t even own a PS2, but I sure as hell loves me some Katamari Damacy. How can I form an opinion on a game that I’ve played maybe a dozen times in my life? If you’re seriously asking that question, you’ve obviously never played it.

The game becomes an obsession. I’ve had friends who’ve started seeing things in terms of what in the room they can roll up after playing it. Despite the handful of times I’ve had a chance with it, I’ve had Katamari related dreams. Seriously, it gets sort of insane.

Now while I’m not sure what exactly one would need to roll up to be able to successfully pick up this huge ass elephant, I am sure that it’d have to be quite a lot. Still, I’m sure The Prince would be willing to give it that old college try if nothing else.

This shirt is licensed and distributed by the awesome gang over at Panic, who make kick ass software alongside their officially licensed t-shirts. Were it not for their exceptional Mac FTP client Transmit, uploading thumbnails to this site would totally not be worth it. So if you’re in the market for a Mac based FTP client as well as a Katamari tee — look no further — they’re seriously the folks for the job.

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