Alfred E Misfit tee, NYC, NY, originally uploaded by gruntzooki.

Preshrunk pal Cory Doctorow spotted this week’s tee on his travels in New York. As someone who spent a lot of time in high school listening to 80’s punk and reading Mad Magazine, this mash up of Alfred E. Neuman‘s dopey grin and the Misfits iconic skull tickles me in a fairly inappropriate area.

According to the comments on the post about it on Boing Boing, this shirt came out circa 2006 from aNYthing and went out of print shortly thereafter. News of that didn’t stop an enterprising seller on Etsy from reprinting them tho. And while I’d normally get all pissy about unauthorized reprints or knock-offs, the guy is selling them for next to nothing and I dig the design enough to really want one.

I’m pretty sure that means I’m going to some sort of special t-shirt pirate purgatory when I die, but whatever.

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