If I say the name Rob Dobi, most of y’all will know exactly who I’m talking about. For the past four years, he’s been putting out stunning (and often times wonderfully cheeky) tees at Fullbleed — but just leaving it at that wouldn’t be fair.

Rob has also done a metric crapton of rad shirts and print work for bands, taken fantastic photos of New England Ruins and mocked pretty much every lameass scenester out there. In celebration of Fullbleed’s 7th series — as well as an effort to bring back this feature — we asked Rob to share some of his favorite shirts with us. Fortunately, he was more than happy to do so…

iso50 – waterfall tee

i always liked scott hansen’s work, i own a few of his tees and a few of his prints are hanging in my wife’s sewing room. something about how simplistic his tees are gets me everytime. that same style is something i strive for in my own designs and his line was always a big inspiration to me in terms of color / simplicity / iconic imagery.

the one am radio – streetlight tee (appears to be out of stock)

The first time i saw Hrishikesh Hirway (aka the one am radio) in 2002 i was blown away. I picked up this shirt at that very show and despite the fruit of the loom tag claiming it is the “BEST” it feels kinda like cardboard at this point. i still wear it every now and again because i am a sucker for asphalt tees with simple white designs.

invicid – skull astronauts (store appears to be on a break)

much like iso50, mark’s little line was one i always looked forward to when he had new releases. his designs usually featured skulls and bugs but most of the time i was really into whatever he was making. this shirt appealed to me because it almost looked like a post hardcore band had their name removed from the tee, speaking of which…

since by man – distressed logo tee (band has since broken up)

I saw since by man play a few shows when i was in college, i was never their biggest fan recorded, but i thought they always put on a great live show and had some great merch as well. The sheer amount of black tees i bought around this time from post hardcore / screamo bands was enough to fill an entire goodwill dumpster but this one still sticks around in my drawer for whatever reason. the distress on the tee is only getting better with age.

Thanks for sharing, Rob!