Now, I’m no Jason Calacanis — and most of you are probably thankful for that — but I do think that the Preshrunk Twitter account could use some more followers. So I’m going to partake in a little giveaway over the next week. Want to play along?

I’m not looking to be the number one user on Twitter. I know the sort of hits I get and I’m a ways away from bringing that kind of thunder. I’d still like to reward my readers and pick up a few Twitter pals tho. So at random times between now and next Monday, I’m going to be dropping a few Threadless Gift Certificate codes directly to Twitter. As in the first one to grab it and use it, gets it.

That means you don’t necessarily have to follow us to win — but you do stand a better chance of getting something if you do. Also, I’m in talks with a few shops to do some giveaways in the coming months. So even if you don’t win anything in the next week, the stuff we’ll be putting out afterwards should hopefully be worth enough for y’all to stick around.

So follow us on Twitter, dammit! You won’t be sorry, I promise…

Update We gave the first one away earlier today — and there are more on the way. Spread the word and help Preshrunk get followers and I might have to up the ante with a few $50 ones.