There was something about Mario that always sat a little strange with me. I mean dont get me wrong, when you look at the story, hes got a realepic hero vibe about him. But theres always been a disconnect between the Mario on screen and the Mario that lives in my head, who is usually doing things like walking barefoot over broken glass and telling KoopaYippie-Ki-Yay. I think its theoutfits.

I mean, youve got Mario who is storming through Koopas place just destroying everything he can stealing gold coins, stomping henchmen left and right, and basically just shredding through Koopasnepotistic regime, and whats the best he can do? Raccoon suits? Different colored overalls? Cute little sock-boot thing? Lets be clear, the three embodying powers there are flight, hurling fire from his bare hands, and jumping crazy high. Thats the best they can do? He looks like a child that rummaged through a costume closet.

Not any more. Koopa probably peed himself laughing when Mario showed up in that cap with wings. Hell pee himself in fear when Mario shows up inBerserker mode. After years of (lets be real) ridiculous outfits, Mario is stepping up his game.

When skull Mario rams his size-7 workboots down Koopas noisemaker, you better believe his princess wont be in another castle.

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