Now that the holidays are (for the most part) blissfully over, tis the season to treat myself to a piece of urban flair. After all, Ive braved the storm. Ive wrapped up family time without having a National Lampoon meltdown.

And what better way to reward myself for the sanity-bending time with the fam than to Deck the Abs with some boughs of badass. Marios back. But lets be real, he never really left. Join me in my new tradition MeMas. Its kind of like XMas, but its for you. Treat yourself, sweetheart. Youve earned it.

But look alive, kids. This bad boys priced to move. Its on sale right now, but who knows how much longer thats going to be. So I say in the spirit of MeMas this is gonna look bitchin.

Update: They are selling out of this one fast! Only small sizes left. I’ll have to look for another MeMas gift. :'(

$30-$35 | URL Mens| Paypal Credit | M: XS – S