I remember fondly my days inchoreographed street gangs. Coincidentally, strapping onCapezios and breaking out the pitch pipes right before a nasty rumble also struck a chord (do you see what I did there?) withHollywood. but other than that, Ive always found musicals to be a bit inaccessible. But then the people at Young Lovers found a way to reawaken my inner songbird. They made a joke out of cats.

Generally speaking, I dont dislikeCats: The Musical. Its written byT.S. Eliot, and has creepycat-people prowling around (which is grade-A nightmare fodder). I kind of feel like going to Cats would be like watching a musical about aFurry convention. In other words, hilarious and kind of awkward.

The Rats tee brings the joy of song to the young people, and even puts a smile on thisOGs face. And they say musical theatre is inaccessible to the masses. Cynics.

See you guys later. I’m going to findStephen Sondheim and get him onboardFurry: The Musical.

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