What do a Nobel laureate,B.A. Baracus, the Shat, and an O.G. have in common? Ill bet my chain-wearing, alien-fighting, pale-rapping, poem-writing ass theyre here for theT Party. Theyre T.S. Eliot, Mr. T., T.J. Hooker, and Ice-T.

Three out of the four are total badboyZ (it takes a man to coverElton).But youre probably asking yourself why T.S. Eliot? Well, in addition toliving abroad before it was “the cool thing to do,”I have a theory that T.S. stands for Tough as Shit. Theory goes it was a nickname Hemingway gave him. And that dude atebullets for breakfast.

And if you dont know who T.J. Hooker is, ask yourdad.

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