Toward the end of February, some actor was making a lot of bad decisions. Just days later, the first email hit my inbox:

(Since Sam was “first” here’s that link, in case you, a devoted Preshrunk reader, find this shirt to your liking.)

Within a couple days after that, my inbox began to resemble this Google image search:

Suffice it to say, I crawled into a hole for as long as I could, waiting for the Sheen-pocalpyse to end. Only after the zombie hoards groaning “WINNING” had faded into the distance and I could no longer hear the splattering of tiger blood rain outside my bi-bomb shelter did I decide it was safe to venture out once more.

So here I am, ready to review some shirts again. If you have an awesome (non-Charlie) t-shirt for me to look at, hit me up.