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Plan Ahead

A cool shirt and great advice, especially since I live in a particular hurricane prone part of the country. I  Continue Reading »


Los Pollos Hermanos

If you look at this shirt and don’t think of blue sky, then you’re missing out on the best work Bryan  Continue Reading »


Just Kitten Raglan

It’s Caturday! A whole day to celebrate the greatness that is Felis Domesticus. I should mention I’m new here. No  Continue Reading »


It’s fun to use learning for evil

Whether you’re a mad scientist or just screwing with your cousin because you’re bored at dinner, this shirt should ring  Continue Reading »


So where did you go to art school?

Not gonna lie, this one hit a little close to home. As one skilled in the soft sciences, I see  Continue Reading »


Life is what you M/Take of it

This is kind of like that self-help book The Secret on steroids. And I should know. I’ve been telling people  Continue Reading »


Unicorn Cubed

This shirt’s got a lot going on, and I love every second of it. Aside from its obvious correlation to  Continue Reading »



There’s a lot to be said for simplicity. Even though the type seems as exciting as a Victorian first date,  Continue Reading »


Great Scott

This one celebrates two of my dearest loves – Back to the Future, and Calvin & Hobbes. Both sustained me when  Continue Reading »


Don’t Trip

Hulk Hogan. Wilford Brimley. Gandhi. That handsome bastard Tom Selleck. What do they have in common? A Lip Bush that  Continue Reading »