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Lord Nermal

Lord Nermal doesn’t give a flying fuck about what you think about this shirt. He’s got a cushy position inside  Continue Reading »


Teen Worf

Worf’s backstory is actually pretty sad. His parents killed during the Romulan attack on Khitomer, he was adopted and raised  Continue Reading »


Wow. So dire.

This is it. The Internet has to be stopped. The Internet has seeped into every bit of culture we could  Continue Reading »


404 T-Rex Not Found

Some days you just have to step away from the computer. Not because you want to, but because everything is broken.  Continue Reading »


All of the Fox

The hills are alive! With the sound of… of… wait, what does the fox say? Well, whatever the fox says,  Continue Reading »


5 Shirts To Drink Green Beer With

Ya know what’s dumb? None of the other T-Shirt blogs I follow had special St. Patrick’s Day posts ready for  Continue Reading »


Planetary Physics

Man, Pluto has been through some tough shit in the past decade. Advocates everywhere have lined up behind him in  Continue Reading »


The Crazy-Awesome Super-Fantastic Threadless Gift Card Giveaway Part Two!

The Twitter giveaway is OVER! But we’re not done yet! We’ll get back to you with a Twitter winner soon,  Continue Reading »


Means No

Sometimes it’s difficult to get your point across to someone who is very insistent on you doing The Thing. It can  Continue Reading »


The Crazy-Awesome Super-Fantastic Threadless Gift Card Giveaway!

You may have noticed by now that after a long dormant season, Preshrunk is kicking up some dust and revving  Continue Reading »