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here comes dat boa

Do you ever get accused of trying to kill the people that you hug? Maybe you think you’re a great  Continue Reading »


The Legend of the Winged Lion.

We may be a little late for Independence Day, but please consider this shirt featuring Abe Lincoln and his pet  Continue Reading »


The Dogs Are Back

Let’s talk about the Goofy/Pluto dilemma, shall we? The dilemma is that Goofy can talk and is bipedal while Pluto  Continue Reading »


Paws of Death

This cute little kitten couldn’t possibly have any harm in mind for you, could it? He looks comfy in his  Continue Reading »



Did you think Navi could get any more annoying? No? Well, you’d be wrong. Imagine if Navi had to spawn  Continue Reading »


The Right Choice

Are you having trouble deciding what candidate to vote for this election season? Have no fear! I’ve got just the  Continue Reading »


These Were the Ingredients Chosen

That’s all you need to make a Powerpuff Girl. Imagine having a little girl with no fingers and humongous eyes  Continue Reading »


No Pain No Glory

The Frostwolf Clan stands for glory, honor, and swoll ‘ceps. There is no honor in skipping leg day. Generally, an  Continue Reading »


We All Have Heroes

Here’s a shirt dedicated to the heroes that we looked up to, the heroes that we loved, the heroes that  Continue Reading »


Guess What Day It Is

No, you don’t have to decide what to eat today. The decision has already been made for you. It’s Tuesday.  Continue Reading »