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Some say she’s a freedom fighter, some say she’s a terrorist. All we know for sure is that she went  Continue Reading »


May the Thirst Be With You

I’m not saying this is a missed marketing opportunity, but Gatorade needs to do a little explaining. Jump on that  Continue Reading »


Continue. Fighting.

Let’s be honest. Even if 2016 really wasn’t statistically the worst year on record, there was still something for all  Continue Reading »


The Right.

Let’s be real: Anyone who had a bear arm would be flaunting it anyway. You can’t cover that shit up.  Continue Reading »


What They’re Having for Breakfast

So the Xenomorph is the criminal? Alright, I guess I can get behind that. Definitely don’t want to be in  Continue Reading »


The Bad Boys Are Back In Town

Can you just imagine all of these guys banding together into one group. Joffrey would be the first to die,  Continue Reading »


Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty or Nice

Ya’ll know about Krampus, right? I mean, there was a movie, and everything. He’s basically the anti-Santa. He doesn’t give  Continue Reading »


Mission Canceled

Yeah, I was on a mission to visit all the Cantina Cafes in the galaxy, but they keep on closing  Continue Reading »


Yay! Winter is here!

Why do those sad sods in Westeros talk about winter coming like it’s a bad thing? I’ll tell ya what’s  Continue Reading »


Put Your Quarter Up

It’s an age-old tradition as old as the White Pillars of Pong. Save your spot by claiming your territory and  Continue Reading »