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That Spark

All it takes is that spark from you to make me feel alive. No, I mean, literally. I need some  Continue Reading »


Deadly Sin

The sloth gets a bad rap for being named after one of the 7 deadly sins. But never has a  Continue Reading »


Are you ready for Halloween?

It’s halfway through the month. Halloween is getting closer and closer. Can you feel it? I can feel it in  Continue Reading »


You Can’t Kill With Us

Okay, like, I get that green and red are, sorta, like, fall colors, and everything, but, like, we take our  Continue Reading »


Gotham Pets

Okay, have you ever considered how adorable it would be to see all the Gotham characters as the animals they  Continue Reading »


It Wasn’t Me. I Was Possessed.

As if that Ancient Aliens guy saying everything was Aliens wasn’t bad enough, here’s Ancient Deadites Ash here to tell  Continue Reading »


The Fate of the Pac Man Ghosts

The life of a Pac Man ghost has to be a tough one. Running around a maze trying to get  Continue Reading »


Life Revolves Around D&D

Sometimes it seems like your life is guided by a random roll of polyhedronic dice. Is polyhedronic a word? It  Continue Reading »


Who Gave the Platypus a Keyboard?

Look at the smug little grin on this platypus’s face. He knows he made a horrible joke and he’s proud  Continue Reading »


I Wanna Be the Very Breast

Now that you mention it, there could totally be a Pokémon-like group in the Game of Thrones universe. And just like  Continue Reading »