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Getting Up Is Enough

It’s just one of those days where giving my all isn’t quite an option. Maybe I’m just willing to give  Continue Reading »


I’m Made of Hydrogen!

Every once in a while you have to just take a seat and realize “wow… I’m made of star stuff.”  Continue Reading »


Behold the Bird Bird Eight

This plucky little fella makes his home in a galaxy far, far away, but occasionally migrates south where one can  Continue Reading »


Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

It’s coming up on Valentine’s day here in a couple weeks, so I figure this is appropriate enough for the  Continue Reading »


Fit’ness Bowl of Nachos in My Mouth

How do I love nachos? Let me count the ways. I just love the salty crunch of a nacho along  Continue Reading »


Some Assembly Required

I moved recently and as such, I wandered around IKEA for a while looking at stuff I might need for  Continue Reading »


Melts In the Microwave, Not In Your Hand

Remember these phones? They were great for talking to people on. That’s about it. I mean, you couldn’t even text  Continue Reading »


Speech Impediment

It’s like the Smurfs when they substitute random words with “smurf.” It really is a speech impediment that should be  Continue Reading »


And Beyond…

Ya know what? It takes some real balls to turn this joke into a T-shirt. I mean, it’s not like  Continue Reading »


To be born free

Born to be free of the constraints of society and roam the countryside writing about my adventures. Born to write  Continue Reading »