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The Lone Wolverine

The lone Wolverine crests from the red ocean. Rage consumes him. Vengeance will be his. He hungers. For poutine. Bub.  Continue Reading »


Does It Hurt? Every Time.

Rumor has it that Hugh Jackman is actually a pretty good cook. Which makes sense since he lives in the  Continue Reading »


I’m Special Because I’m Horny

That’s the message of this T-shirt, right? Specialness through horniness? Because of the unicorn horn? If not, then it should  Continue Reading »


Cut Off His Ear, Not His Nose!

I’m imagining the story of Harry Potter told in nonlinear cutscenes. Everyone has a code name. Ron is Mr. Red.  Continue Reading »


Nothing Left to Live For

With this T-shirt it’s time to balance out all the positivity of the last one. There’s no hope if there’s  Continue Reading »


Look At the Bright Side

Hey, look, sometimes things aren’t going to work out the way you want them to. Sometimes you fall on your  Continue Reading »


Silent Rider

How does a ninja get somewhere faster than he can run? He doesn’t use a car. Even the most silent  Continue Reading »


Vote Goat!

Vote Goat because 50% of the top 1% of the people living in America don’t have a goat! Today is  Continue Reading »


DJ Leia

It’s International Women’s Day which means it’s time to celebrate the finest women in every segment of society. We’ve chosen  Continue Reading »


Waking Up Socialist

It’s primary season and it does not yet look very good for our favorite old man running for president. To  Continue Reading »