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The Real Jurassic Park

Sure, the Isla Nublar is fun for humans, but what do the dinosaurs have to do? Just run around and eat  Continue Reading »


The Dark Knight vs. The World

Now this is a mashup I could really go for. We’ve seen the cheesy ’60s Batman, we’ve seen the cheesy  Continue Reading »


Two Smartass Men

You can’t please everybody. Even with a show as great as the Muppets, you’re still going to run into a  Continue Reading »


tā moko monkey

Symbolika recently reached out to us and offered to send us a free shirt in return for a mention on  Continue Reading »



Here we have a simple, minimalistic design on a heather grey T-shirt. Solehab, the shirt’s creator, just opened its virtual doors  Continue Reading »


Lord Nermal

Lord Nermal doesn’t give a flying fuck about what you think about this shirt. He’s got a cushy position inside  Continue Reading »


Teen Worf

Worf’s backstory is actually pretty sad. His parents killed during the Romulan attack on Khitomer, he was adopted and raised  Continue Reading »


Wow. So dire.

This is it. The Internet has to be stopped. The Internet has seeped into every bit of culture we could  Continue Reading »


404 T-Rex Not Found

Some days you just have to step away from the computer. Not because you want to, but because everything is broken.  Continue Reading »


All of the Fox

The hills are alive! With the sound of… of… wait, what does the fox say? Well, whatever the fox says,  Continue Reading »