Lion of JudahMuch to the dismay of my Christian friends, I’m not too much of a Jesus guy. It’s not that I’m not into his message or anything, it’s just that religion was never my cup of tea. Besides, I’ve never much cared for folks who get uppity people for not believing in a dude. Even if the dude in question did have some groovy concepts, nobody needs that crammed down their throats.

Simple Letter’s shirts aren’t the heavy handed Born Again wear that seems to be the rage with the WalMart crowd; but that’s what I like about them. Lion of Judah is a Jah tinged tribute that doesn’t beat you in the face with it’s spiritual roots. In fact, if you didn’t know it was a Christian shirt I bet the Athiests/Agnostics/Buddhists/Muslims/etc. in the crowd wouldn’t think twice about picking it up. Hell, I’m sorta considering it.

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