OMG ClothingSnap, yo. It would seem that the folks at skinnyCorp recently soft launched OMG Clothing. Like Threadless, OMG Clothing takes user submissions and spins them into shirts. But instead of carefully crafting vector art, users throw a whole bunch of witty/stupid slogans at the wall to see what sticks.

The rating system they’ve implemented is actually a whole mess of fun. You’re given 50 random slogans which you’re asked to rate “I’d wear this” or “OMG… stupid”. I’ve spent about 15 minutes playing with it before writing this entry, and I almost couldn’t pull myself away from it. At first I felt really bad tagging shirts I wouldn’t wear “OMG… stupid” but I eventually tired of the system urging me to rate them before I continued.

Now I’m not too hip on giving someone else exclusive rights to any of my really clever slogans. Especially not for something as small as a chance at a $200 prize package. But if you have no problem selling your soul, we suggest you get over there and submit something. I mean, we’re going to need to have something to write about in six months.

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