Is there anything more awesome than a thinly veiled oral sex reference for all of the nerdcore kids in the house?

Well, to be perfectly honest, there probably is. But since y’all are the ones who keep this site afloat, we might as well drag ourselves into 2006 pandering directly to you. And by you we mean the RSS reading, file sharing, viral video watching types. You’re what marketers would call a key demographic.

Of course we’re pretty sure this is going to miff the Pitchfork reading, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah listening crowd who’d much rather that we started off with something a little more artsy. *shrug* Fuck it. As far as first shirts and new years go, this one’s good enough…

We’ll pander to all the arty indie kids tomorrow, okay?

$17.99 | Credit | URL | M: SM – 3XL, F: S – L